HOT off the presses!

As we are making the final touches on what is shaping up to be an awesome exhibition, we want to announce that the exhibition catalogues just came in and they look GREAT!!!! The artists included are: Sue Amendolara, Talya Baharal, Robert Baines, Doris Betz, Joe Bova, Ken Bova, Alan Burton Thompson, Kat Cole, Joshua Craig, Cappy Counard, Brigham Dimick, Robert Ebendorf, Alma Eikerman, Susan Ewing, Fred Fenster, Arline Fisch, Elsa Freund, Shingo Furukawa, Laritza Garcia, Caroline Gore, Susan Hamlet, Abigail Heuss, Clinton Hofmeister, Jesus Hurtado, Nicole Jacquard, Dejan Jovanovic, Hermann Junger, Lynda LaRoche, Tim Lazure, Tina Lazzarine, Randy Long, Gerardo Garcia Luna, Marcia MacDonald, Richard Mawdsley, Paulette Myers, Poly Nikolopoulou, Aaron Nytroe, Hiroko Sato-Pijanowski, Heikki Seppa, Helen Shirk, Erling Sjovold, Steven Thompson, Leonard Urso, Shalena White, Laura Wood, Sandra Zilker, and Leia Zumbro.

Be sure to come to the opening Friday night, you won’t be disappointed!!!! The exhibition coincides with ECU’s Material Topics Symposium: Merging Methods which is a fantastic event hosted by the ECU Metals Guild. You can check out for details.


The Art of Influence is an exhibition that celebrates the ever-present relationships between artists, bringing together the diverse work of 47 artists from across the globe, who have influenced one another in a meaningful way. This website is dedicated to fostering those connections that enrich and sustain us.